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Info for Canadians

Information for Canadian Sellers and Buyers

There are many important differences for buyers and sellers who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent U.S. Residents when it comes to selling or buying property in the U.S.

Since 2002 The Arizona Pros have been active in assisting our Canadian friends with their purchase and sales of their Arizona properties, over these many year and numerous transactions we have gained the valuable experience and insight to skillfully advise our Canadian clients in buying and selling and reaching their real estate goals. Along the way we have built a team of trust professional advisers, including tax accountants, legal professionals, title companies, insurance professionals and others with proven knowledge and skills in helping us guide our clients each step of the way.

Some of those considerations include:

-U.S. Tax implications when buying and selling or investing.

-Requirements to eliminate or minimize required I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) tax withholding under the rules of F.I.R.P.T.A (Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act)

when selling

-Differences and importance in how real property is titled

-Requirements for U.S. Tax Identification Numbers

-Withholding requirements for income derived from rental of U.S. properties

-Best practices to maximize from monetary exchange